Jobs Landed: Gretchen DeVault

As a partner and graphic designer at DVQ Studio, I help organizations bring their brands to life. From helping clients determine their core purpose and identity to developing the visual materials that support their mission, my goal is to help them connect their mission to action. My background is in graphic design, brand development, and communications.

I am passionate about creating a different kind of work environment and using my skills to help support social change. DVQ works exclusively with mission-driven clients, including non-profits and businesses with a social purpose. Our mission-driven focus is also about a way of doing business -- we are trying to create a socially conscious, inclusive workplace that does good work while being a good employer, community member, and co-worker.
Job Title: Partner
College: Grand Valley State University, Communications, Grand Rapids, MI
High School: Delton-Kellogg High School, Delton, MI
Lives In: Grand Rapids

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