Jobs Landed: Kaitlyn Turner

I am working in the Durables R&D, Advanced Technologies department at Amway.  The Durables department focuses on products that will last a long time, such as cookware, cutlery, and water and air purifiers.  My department is a spin off of Durables where we work on technologies for future applications, one being a new wireless power technology coming to the market soon.  I work with the materials side of Advanced Technologies, doing research and design for potential materials that could be used as components in future products.  I will be a part of a rotation program in my first two years at Amway that allows for exposure in different departments and in different business roles.
Job Title: Associate Scientist- Design and Formulation
Company: Amway
College: Univeristy of Michigan, College of Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Ann Arbor, MI
High School: Traverse City West Senior High School, Traverse City, MI
Lives In: Grand Rapids


Grand Rapids, MI

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