Jobs Landed: Michelle Damstra

I've spent the better part of my professional career in the "sales" industry.  I've met some amazing people, made great friends and even better networking contacts.  Every day is different and every person I speak with is a potential client that may need our assistance in the future.  Everyone knows "sales isn't just a job, it's a lifestyle".  I like to approach my job or the description of my job as "relationship building".  Regardless how big or small a business may be, it takes time and energy to build a relationship with the appropriate contacts and develop a level of trust and understanding.  Every business is different and has different needs or different things to offer.  By assisting them with identifying their staffing/employment needs, I not only feel that I'm doing my job successfully but that I'm helping their business succeed as well.  Office Staffing is a Local GR company with a great foundation and a proven track record of success.  As they continue to grow, I look forward to growing with them both professionally and personally. 
Job Title: Director of Business Development
Company: Office Staffing
College: Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
High School: DeKalb High School, Waterloo, IN
Lives In: Grand Rapids


Office Staffing

Grand Rapids, MI

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