Jobs Landed: Mike Burnside

I typically deal with people who are looking to secure loans and find that their credit scores are too low to qualify. A loan officer, real estate agent or insurer will tell a potential client that, while they would like to do business with them, it's not possible at this time and that if they were interested, there is someone who can help: me. The process of improving a credit score isn't hugely complicated, but it is daunting for the average person and can take some time. I make sure that the biggest score increase is achieved in the shortest time possible so that the client can then be eligible for the loan they wanted. When I do my job, everyone ends up winning.
Job Title: Legal Assistant
Company: Finn Law Group
College: British Columbia Institute of Technology, Diploma of Technology, Burnaby, Canada
High School: Port Moody Secondary, Port Moody, Canada
Lives In: Ypsilanti


Finn Law Group

1614 State St Ste. 118
Marne, MI 49435

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