Major Projects Database

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Name Address Neighborhood Focus Area Type Status Year Website Investment Map
Ferris State/Kendall/Christman Expansion - Old Art Museum 155 Division Ave N Renovation Planned 2012 $33,000,000 show
GRCC Expansion - Old Davenport Campus 415 Fulton St E Renovation Planned 2012 $15,000,000 show
GVSU Seidman College of Business 38 Front Ave New Construction Proposed 2012 $40,000,000 show
Seward Avenue Extension - Fulton to Lexington Seward Ave New Construction Planned 2012 $3,400,000 show
Urban Market 435 Ionia Ave SW Renovation Planned 2012 $31,000,000 show
Total Projects= 5 Total Investment= $122,400,000
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