Making it in Grand Rapids

Feature StoryMuseGR

Muse GR aligns purpose and passion with creativity on the westside

Feature StoryDonRhoades

The innovative people making GR a city for entrepreneurs

Feature StoryOlvera

Making it in GR: Adapting an engineering mindset to entrepreneurship

Innovation NewsBrandy Arnold

Young Professional Spotlight: Brandy Arnold

Feature StoryRG Start Garden 100 Ideas

Taking the first step toward moving the needle: Start Garden's 100 Ideas

Feature StoryDonRhoades

Making it in GR: Lessons in crowdfunding

Innovation NewsAngela Nelson

Working in the City: Angela Nelson

Young Professional Spotlight: Zyra Castillo

Feature StoryLeandra Nisbet

Making it in GR: How the digital community is supporting small business

Feature Storypitch

Speak to the head and the heart: Creating connections through your pitch

Feature StoryMilton Moore

Accepting the culture of failure as life, not a trend

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