Transformational change

Development NewsMary Brown

New SingularityU chapter fosters "Exponential Technologies for Good"

Innovation NewsIN Wege Prize

Students address "wicked" problems in Wege Prize competition

Innovation NewsLiving

Independent Living homes offer a solution to youth aging out of foster care

Development NewsNLC

GR one of 12 "Cities of Opportunity": Initiative to develop equitable solutions for residents

Feature StoryAlayna Williams

Leaderboard, 1-0: A VOICES essay on competition and contentment

Feature StoryGRHHCTheNewConcept

Lessons from emerging culture: A quick look at three music movements and future cities

Feature StoryRG Start Garden 100 Ideas

Taking the first step toward moving the needle: Start Garden's 100 Ideas

Feature StoryRBatomic

Rapid Blog: HQ and Atomic Object band together to fight youth homelessness

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