Innovation News springgr3

SpringGR open house celebrated expansion and its innovative services for area entrepreneurs

Development News ambiance gr

Ambiance GR Kitchen & Lounge to put unique spin on dining and entertainment

Development News hive

MomHIVE offers work-from-home mothers co-working, community, and childcare

Development News Littlefoot

Bean there. Done that: Chicago coffee roasters bring their talents home to Grandville

Feature Story Jonathan Jelks

RapidChat: Jonathan Jelks on why entrepreneurship doesn't have to be a lonely road

Feature Story Andrea Wallace

Local DJ blends beats with business by partnering with fellow entrepreneurs

Feature Story Corey Hart

G-Sync: Radio interview with entrepreneur Corey Hart

Development News lunch

“Lunch” at the farmers market: Catering duo serves lunch and supports local nonprofit

Innovation News Start Garden

Start Garden planting seeds of diversity for future minority-owned startups

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