Projects: GRABB
GRABB launched in July 2013 and provides a platform for black entrepreneurs to share ideas, information and exposure through expos and training. Rather than operating a business as a hobby or underground, Robinson wants to help small business owners increase the legitimacy, viability and sustainability of those businesses. GRABB also offers small business support services in the form of consulting, advocacy, networking opportunities, and access to capital.
As GRABB continues to grow, Robinson hopes to facilitate revitalization efforts in predominantly black neighborhoods in the city, starting with the Southtown area bound by Wealthy Street on the north, Eastern Avenue on the east, Cottage Grove to Madison Avenue and Garden to Division, he said.
“There aren’t businesses there for them to support,” he said. “Typically, those areas have been neglected from any kind of infrastructure improvements. Investments first come from public dollars, and then attract private investors.”

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