Projects: Ambrose


224 S. River Street
Holland, MI
Since opening Ambrose in 2012, Jenna and Adam Weiler have been working hard to grow the printing and design business as a constant source of income to support the social mission of Ambrose. Ambrose has a variety of programs in addition to After School, including Summer CampsPrint Together Time, Do it TUE it, Happy Hours, the Button Bureau, and team-building workshops.
“We’ve been doing more workshops for groups who want to do a screen printing blitz—a kind of team building thing,” Jenna said. “A lot of firms come in and brainstorm an idea, work together with the concept and have a finished product in a t-shirt or a poster at the end. We facilitate that.”
Although by day you will find the Ambrose team designing and printing tees, hoodies and posters, the life of the studio comes from helping “students better explore, understand and make the world they will one day run.”
“One of our goals is to empower students to have their own sub-businesses with our button maker. We’re teaching the students to make the templates, print the paper and the buttons. This way they can make extra money,” Jenna said.
Students are not only learning to explore, communicate, create and understand, they are going on to pursue a range of careers and find jobs across the country.

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