Projects: Spring GR

Spring GR

1413 Madison Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49507
Spring GR is a training, mentoring and networking program designed to help budding entrepreneurs in Grand Rapids turn their ideas into thriving businesses. And while it’s focused on the Madison-Hall neighborhood, interested entrepreneurs from outside the neighborhood are taking part in the sessions, too.

Restorers, of which Kafi Carrasco has been executive director of since 2012, is structured on the partnership model of Partners Worldwide, where Rudy Carrasco has United States Regional Facilitator since 2009. Restorers is an affiliate of PW, and the curriculum of Spring GR is based on that of another affiliate, LAUNCH, in Chattanooga, Tenn.

“Spring GR is for people who just have an idea. We’re going to take them through a process, shape their idea and get their business started,” Kafi Carrasco said. “We’re going off the idea that you can start your business without a whole bunch of money. The best way to get your business going is to get it going.”

Spring GR, led by adult education specialist Zena Patillo, aims to help entrepreneurs start small businesses with low start-up costs, and get them acquainted with the earning potential to help them achieve their goals.

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