As a for-profit social enterprise, GR8Lakes Essentials was founded with three primary intentions: improve lives; care for the planet; and redistribute a portion of its profits to directly address some of the world’s most dire concerns.

The product offerings reflect these intentions in their functionality and the choices we make in design and specifications, as well as the global nature of their utility. Currently, they encompass the premier product, the K-Light Portable Light and Power, along with other eco-friendly lighting options and cleaning solutions. As well, GR8Lakes Essentials has both manufacturing rights and supplier agreements with several U.S.-based companies and we continuously seek appropriate items to add to our product line.

GR8Lakes Essentials is consistently seeking and developing strategic relationships with buyers and distributors in the B2B and B2C sectors, along with the non-profit community. Those it works with share key customer segments, look to provide or obtain products in line with the mission to improve the human experience, and seek to align themselves with a company for whom the bottom line is only one factor in determining what “success” entails.

The high quality, easy to use, robust products from GR8Lakes Essentials are thoughtfully designed and selected to ease and enhance daily life, be of substantial benefit to consumers and commercial entities, facilitate conducting business, and aid non-profit organizations in accomplishing their missions.

Headquartered in Grand Rapids, GR8Lakes Essentials is the exclusive, worldwide supplier of the K-Light Portable Light and Power; as well as overseas supplier of GR8Lakes Degreaser, GR8Lakes Rust Remover and SafeWick Candles, all of which are made in the US.
GR8Lakes Essentials
80 Ottawa Ave NW ,Suite 101
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49503
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