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Smart, local ways to be well in 2015: Take the stairs

Yeah, yeah: you want to lose five pounds, exercise more, eat less. Who doesn't, at least during the month of January? But wellness means more than numbers on a scale, and a few local initiatives are playing their part in crafting a healthier Grand Rapids. Each week this month, Rapid Growth will feature one unique way to be well in West Michigan. Want a more thoughtful, sustainable path to feeling better in 2015? Read on.

Fable the Poet

Local wordsmiths produce a preponderance of poetry

It's being written and read in classrooms, spoken at slams, slung at bars and shared at storytelling events all over the city. It's poetry, and when writer Audria Larsen checked in with Grand Rapids Poet Laureate Lew Klatt and visited the weekly event The Drunken Retort, she found the local scene alive and well.


G-Sync: STEAM energy is the answer

The world has been engaged in a talent and innovation battle for decades and STEM education has been the weapon of choice. But this is all about to change...that is, if we are willing to make the change. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen comes out about the silent "A" and our new weapon of change: STEAM.

Katharina Haeusler Gross

RapidChat: Dr. Katharina Hausler-Gross

With two films down, the 9th season of the Chiaroscuro International Film Series is already in full swing. Hosted by the UICA, this film series aims to increase cultural awareness through the medium of film. For 2015 the theme is "Generations," which explores shared human experiences across ages and cultures across the globe -- a topic which Dr. Katharina Häusler-Gross, president of the organization, can speak to from personal experience. 

power lines list

How 'smart' is Michigan's electrical grid?

You may have a smart meter on your house, but what's so "smart" about it? We explore Michigan's foray into the "smart grid" and how it affects you.

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