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Matt Fletcher, left, and Rick Harlow, right.

"Balanced Teams Everywhere": Forward-thinking collective returns to Grand Rapids with 2015 Summit

Spearheaded by Matt Fletcher from Atomic Object, the loose group of software professionals known as “Balanced Team” plan to share some of the techniques and methods they’ve developed to help foster diverse, cross-disciplinary project teams when they come to Grand Rapids this summer.


Amid surging market for Bluetooth beacons, Gelo prepares for more growth

Founded in 2011, Grand Rapids-based Gelo Inc. has positioned itself near the forefront of an emerging U.S. market for Bluetooth low energy beacons, small devices which can locate smartphones and tablets down to much finer distances than GPS. Steven Thomas Kent fills us in on how this little-known company specializes in technology with the potential to change the way we engage with art installations, medical care and more.

Jerry Zandstra

From seminary to STEM: Local pastor heads up huge education project at Steelcase pyramid

Local businessman, educator and seminary graduate Jerry Zandstra is keeping busy on the heels of a November announcement of his company’s pending acquisition of the Steelcase pyramid, which he plans to turn into a groundbreaking STEM education hub.

Josh VanderWeide, education consultant.

West Michigan 'ed tech' startup co-founder: 'We can change the world of education'

Working in partnership with Kent ISD, Grand Rapids-based Kickstand Systems say they’ve developed an individualized, student-centric learning management software platform unlike any other competitor on the market. Rapid Growth writer Steven Thomas Kent delves in to find out how this local software company is poised to change education as we know it.

Dr. Mark Gurney

Brain trust: Local biotech company could help shape future of Alzheimer's, brain injury treatments

A Grand Rapids-based biotechnology company is making progress on a pair of new drugs that could offer hope to patients of Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia and traumatic brain injury. Steven Thomas Kent reports on the cutting-edge developments and nationally recognized research coming out of this spot on the Medical Mile.
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  • Vizidef Display Technology
    Vizidef Display Technology, founded by Marcel Thibert with design researcher Jordan VerBerg, was one of the first groups to bring integrative technology, combining static and digital displays, to the market.
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