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Grand Rapids' Appropos leads wholesale business into the Amazon age

Even as online retailers dominate the business-to-customer retail market with intuitive software and data-based marketing tools, business-to-business wholesale transactions still tend to wallow in clunky, outdated software systems. Grand Rapids-based Appropos is on the scene as an early responder, working to help big names in the footwear industry reimagine the way they deal with retailers.


Raising a glass to greener beer: Former GR Current director helps craft brewers cut carbon emissions

Reclamation of carbon emissions is a topic of intense interest for beer breweries and other producers of alcohol, but until now, solutions for craft brewers and smaller operations have been limited. Grand Rapids entrepreneur and former GR Current director Dr. Stanley Samuel is on a mission to change that with his new startup and its innovative carbon sequestration technology.


Drug-free relief for chronic pain sufferers, thanks to a wearable device and its app

Atomic Object designed the new app for Quell, a wearable, Bluetooth-compatible and FDA-approved pain relief device that stimulates sensory nerves in the leg, triggering the body’s natural pain-relief mechanisms.


Soletics brings warmth and healing for disease sufferers, one finger at a time

A local startup hopes to provide relief to sufferers of Raynaud’s disease and other conditions by offering lightweight smart gloves that provide targeted heat therapy. Find out how the three co-founders of Soletics, all recent graduates of Grand Valley State University’s business program as well as Emerge Xcelerator, plan to finish refining their glove’s design and take the product to market within the next year.


From one phone number, many; local startup Intryst aims to rid the world of unwanted calls, texts

Tired of giving out your phone number? A Grand Rapids-based startup wants you to give people their number instead. Intryst creates bridge numbers so you can talk to people without the other party ever knowing your real number, and they plan to change the way you think about phone communication forever.
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  • Vizidef Display Technology
    Vizidef Display Technology, founded by Marcel Thibert with design researcher Jordan VerBerg, was one of the first groups to bring integrative technology, combining static and digital displays, to the market.
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