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Reuse / Rebuild


Haris Aibasic

UIX: Haris Alibašic keeps sustainable growth on GR's horizon

More than qualified to direct the city's Office of Energy and Sustainability, Haris Alibašic has his hands in many other projects as well. He manages the state and federal legislative affairs for the city, is actively involved with the  Bosnian American community, and as a member of the Grand Rapids 2030 District Leadership Council, is reducing greenhouse  gases in downtown Grand Rapids.

Jerry Zandstra

From seminary to STEM: Local pastor heads up huge education project at Steelcase pyramid

Local businessman, educator and seminary graduate Jerry Zandstra is keeping busy on the heels of a November announcement of his company’s pending acquisition of the Steelcase pyramid, which he plans to turn into a groundbreaking STEM education hub.

Paul Haan

Do Good: 'Get the Lead Out!' helps homeowners make older homes safe for kids

Lead poisoning interferes with brain development, causes life-long brain damage, and poor physical growth and development. It contributes to social, behavioral and school problems, and learning disabilities; and can even cause death. As Grand Rapids continues to restore its historic neighborhoods, 'Get the Lead Out!' is raising awareness of the dangers associated with lead-based paint chips and dust.

Nick Rudofski

UIX: Nick Rudofski maintains a steady, prolific course in a career of sustainability

Nick Rudofski has plenty of ideas when it comes to sustainability. From handmade, refurbished and reconstructable products, to water conservation, to alternative transportation and more, he's truly making things happen behind several scenes. 

Members of the Heartside Neighborhood Collaborative Project

Do Good: Heartside Neighborhood Collaborative Project helps keep downtown's heart beating strong

The Heartside Neighborhood Collaborative Project is a catalyst for collaboration in the Heartside Neighborhood. HNCP helps create relationships and teamwork among all stakeholder groups by inviting them to craft win-win solutions to help make Heartside-Downtown a place where all people are welcomed and respected.
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Reuse / Rebuild Projects

  • Wege Prize
    Wege Prize, an initiative of Kendall College of Art and Design with financial support from The Wege Foundation, aims to inspire students to tackle a wicked problem and design a product, service or business model that can function within and...
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