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This bedroom community offers a vintage small town lifestyle within a 20 minute drive of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan's second largest economic and cultural center. No wonder it's billed as "the next place to be."

Here's your guide to Lowell:


Refu Tea

UIX: From leaf to relief, RefuTea helps refugees and others at every level of its operation

Autumn Modena and Jenna Petersen founded RefuTea to help refugees, many from tea-producing countries. RefuTea is involved in ethical business partnerships at every step of the tea-making process, and donates a portion of profits to resettlement programs.


Bigger is better: Fat tire bikes roam winter trails

To catch a glimpse of nature and a one-of-a-kind ride, fat tire cyclists take to West Michigan's trails during the winter, spurning ideas about unbearable cold weather that forces us indoors. 


Take a hike: Ten favorite West Michigan trails to explore this fall

As beach days disappear, the hiking scene in West Michigan heats up, with hidden urban paths, colorful trails through the woods, and the promise of cross-country skiing to Lake Michigan during the colder months sustaining us until spring. Rapid Growth gives you ten hikes to try, so tie your boots and get ready to see the city from a new vantage.


G-Sync: Fresh Food Diva

This week, a lot of messages out there will tell you to grab the freshness of our area's produce while you're able. But Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen discovers a fun way you can have it all today -- and later, too.

Overview at my year.

G-Sync: WWBSD (or The Future... Again)

Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen stands before the blackboard with chalk at the ready and ponders "WWBSD?" (What Would Bart Simpson Do?) He quickly realizes that it's a crystal ball he really needs.
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