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Located on the flatlands of the lower West Side, the Stockbridge district is located immediately west of the Grand River and Center City.


The area is known for its working-class attitude, rich European traditions and, above all, resilience. The construction of the US 131 highway and Interstate 196 in the 1960's destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses in the area. It also scarred the heart and soul of a community.


But today the Stockbridge district is emerging as a much stronger and vibrant place than it was before the bulldozers. With a growing selection of pubs, restaurants, and locally-owned specialty shops, as well as aggressive investment in unique urban housing ventures, the Stockbridge area now stands on the leading edge of Grand Rapids' evolution into a thriving 21st century city.



G-Sync: A Brazen Act of Plagiarism

I didn't write "We the People," but I wish I had. These three words are still very powerful after all these centuries. This week, let's commit plagiarism for a change. Read on...


G-Sync: Local Ballot Measure is a Real Job Killer*

What happens when you elect the right people? Well, sometimes they work themselves out of a job. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen jumps in on Local Prop 1, but also finds a connection to Local Prop 2 as well.


G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR

A local initiative on the November election ballot might determine whether you want to continue to call or make Grand Rapids your home. And no, this is not about ArtPrize or the Walker transit vote, but about the city in which you want to live. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen investigates and finds that all is not well in the River CIty for some, but it could improve soon as a result of fresh thinking around an old problem.


Welcome to The Establishment

What used to be Monte's will open back up as The Establishment tonight. Here's a sneak peek inside this new West side hotspot. 


Re-imagining Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids has spent much of the past century as a manufacturing power house. With the changing global economy, what does the future hold for our community? 

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