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Smart, local ways to be well in 2015: West Michigan trails

Yeah, yeah: you want to lose five pounds, exercise more, eat less. Who doesn't, at least during the month of January? But wellness means more than numbers on a scale, and a few local initiatives are playing their part in crafting a healthier Grand Rapids. Each week this month, Rapid Growth will feature one unique way to be well in West Michigan. Want a more thoughtful, sustainable path to feeling better in 2015? Read on.


Amid surging market for Bluetooth beacons, Gelo prepares for more growth

Founded in 2011, Grand Rapids-based Gelo Inc. has positioned itself near the forefront of an emerging U.S. market for Bluetooth low energy beacons, small devices which can locate smartphones and tablets down to much finer distances than GPS. Steven Thomas Kent fills us in on how this little-known company specializes in technology with the potential to change the way we engage with art installations, medical care and more.

Buying Friends

G-Sync: Making friends with art

Over the years, G-Sync Editorial has looked at our many festivals and community events, and we've discussed the impact of these place-making activities on our local economy. Rarely do we take a moment to think about what it is to collect art. This week, read on for a look at the way one important collection was born.

Vanessa Gore

UIX: Vanessa Gore's Soletics innovates with warmth in motion

Soletics' CCO Vanessa Gore has a knack for adapting to the new territories her company has explored in the short time since its founding. Serving everyone from athletes to those who suffer from chronic pain, Gore connects their needs to Soletics' problem solving technology.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

RapidBlog: Staying well at work in 2015

In the spirit of our series on smart, local ways to be well in 2015, Natalia Connelly, Custer brand specialist, shares some ways workers and workplaces can increase wellness on the job. From programs to postures to places, employers can take great strides to make the workplace healthier for employees.

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