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RapidBlog: No groceries downtown GR? Think again.

Downtown dweller and local foodie Marjorie Steele answers the oft-asked question of urban residents: Where do you buy groceries downtown Grand Rapids? Read on for an urban forager's guide to groceries in GR.


Flat Lander's wants to make you a connoisseur of cocktails

Part distillery, part neighborhood watering hole, Flat Lander's brings its boozy, rugged charm to Michigan Street when it opens this weekend. Tiffany Ewigleben finds out why these locally distilled spirits come straight from the heart.


Real, Good and Vegan: Food to live for

Grand Rapids' growing foodie culture has not only made vegan food accessible, but has also encouraged the most unyielding carnivore to consider a change of pace on their plate. Tiffany Ewigleben hits the street to report on some of the best local players in the burgeoning vegan scene.


G-Sync: Fresh Food Diva

This week, a lot of messages out there will tell you to grab the freshness of our area's produce while you're able. But Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen discovers a fun way you can have it all today -- and later, too.


G-Sync: A Fresh Food Facelift

It is common knowledge that fresh food can improve your quality of life, but can it give you a facelift, too? Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen considers how the local food movement is providing a face-changing opportunity in West Michigan for everyone, everywhere.

Lifestyle editor Tommy Allen recaps the best of Gsync in 2012

G-Sync: A Baker's Dozen

Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen digs deeper in 2012's backyard after being inspired by Viget.org's re-launch and finds something wonderful buried in our past.


G-Sync: Obscene Green?

There is a movement afoot in the city of Grand Rapids and these girls are making sure you are paying close attention. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen says, "Eyes on the page, please," as he explores in G-Sync the real obscene green.


G-Sync: A Brazen Act of Plagiarism

I didn't write "We the People," but I wish I had. These three words are still very powerful after all these centuries. This week, let's commit plagiarism for a change. Read on...


G-Sync: Local Ballot Measure is a Real Job Killer*

What happens when you elect the right people? Well, sometimes they work themselves out of a job. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen jumps in on Local Prop 1, but also finds a connection to Local Prop 2 as well.


G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR

A local initiative on the November election ballot might determine whether you want to continue to call or make Grand Rapids your home. And no, this is not about ArtPrize or the Walker transit vote, but about the city in which you want to live. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen investigates and finds that all is not well in the River CIty for some, but it could improve soon as a result of fresh thinking around an old problem.


A New Farmers Market

The Fulton Street Farmers Market has been around since the early 1900s. On May 5, opening day will see a renovated Farmers Market with more space and advanced technology. Development Project Manager Christine Helms-Maletic tells us what's new.


The Rise of the Cycling City Part 2

In our continuing coverage of Cycling City, a group of cycling advocates takes to the streets of Grand Rapids to assess its "bike friendliness."


The Rise of the Cycling City

Bikes and cars in Grand Rapids, sharing the roads in harmony?  Some people have that dream. Come find out what it's all about June 29.


Protecting Land, Air, and Water via Mass Transit

Few people disagree that good mass transit is a key to the vitality of a metropolitan area, and The Rapid is sponsoring a series of articles and videos that promotes conversation about what will serve metro Grand Rapids best.
147 Articles | Page: | Show All
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