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Why Civic Centers Matter

We shape our public spaces, Winston Churchill once suggested, and thereafter our public spaces shape us. That means a plan and money to upgrade metro GR's underperforming parks is essential to the community's economic, environmental, and cultural vitality. Fortunately, the work already is underway    

Grooming the Green Collars

John Ebers graduated in 2003 from Aquinas College with a degree in sustainable business. Sound like a ticket to oblivion? Think again. Today he has a good-paying job on the cutting edge of the national movement to green the health care industry

Head Start on Sustainability

Experts predict the United States will generate millions of green collar jobs in the next decade. So it's no wonder that C.A. Frost, the environmental science academy of Grand Rapids Public Schools, is one of the region's more popular educational institutions for young people

Ready to Serve

Bridget Clark-Whitney initially started the Kids Food Basket as a way to finish her studies and graduate from Aquinas College. Today the grassroots operation counts more than 1,000 volunteers and daily provides more than 1,300 sack lunches to hungry kids in GR. Time to help make the sandwiches 

A Road Paved Green

The Green Chauffeur, started by twenty-something entrepreneurs Stephen Knight and Zack Burkum, isn't the first cab company in America to employ gas-saving hybrid vehicles. But it's the first - and only - one in Grand Rapids. Who's your designated driver?

RG Rerun: Michigan's Best Burlesque

So you think churchy Grand Rapids is too squeaky clean for the ribald humor, suggestive scenery, and gender bending of burlesque? Think again. Meet The Super Happy Funtime players.  

Linked for Success

If creativity is a key commodity in the knowledge economy, West Michigan needs to attract and retain creative people. An innovate new website targets home grown 17-24 year olds. Spread the word

Sunny Side Up

Even in too often sun-starved West Michigan, solar energy can help electrify the power grid and reduce the region's dependence on fossil fuels. Tom Leonard reports from Rapid Growth's sustainability desk

Three Wishes for GR

What, in your opinion, are the three most important moves West Michigan can make to improve life for kids, adults, and elders? Curious minds want to know

Home Girl

Jessica Onan, one of the energetic young leaders of the city's sustainability movement, grew up in Burton Heights, graduated from City High and Aquinas, and today lives in Midtown because, she says, GR is in her heart. She sat down to field a few questions from Rapid Growth.

GRPS 101

The print headlines and nightly news casts that shape the public record tend to suggest the city school system spends more time stomping out fires and cockroaches than preparing capable and productive workers. In his 2008 State of Our Schools Address, Superintendent Dr. Bernard Taylor aimed to set the record straight.

The City We Dream

In his 2008 State of the City Address, GR Mayor George Heartwell envisioned a city with kids in jobs not jail, wind turbines rather than smokestacks, and streetcars instead of traffic jams. Working together, he said, citizens can make that vision a reality.

Got Beer?

Home to more than 70 breweries, Michigan ranks sixth in the nation when it comes to the sheer number of beer makers per state. On February 23, the gang will descend on the frozen tundra of Fifth Third Ballpark for the annual winter beer festival. 

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RG TV: Landing on Urban Planet

UrbanPlanet.org is an online community of people talking about neighborhood revitalization, architecture, and a variety of other issues affecting America's cities. With more than 250 registered users discussing thousands of topics, the Grand Rapids section is one of the more popular in cyberspace. Vlogger Andy Dragt introduces you to the Urban Planeteers.
158 Articles | Page: | Show All
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