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Moonshine Math

Ethanol is touted as a renewable energy that will generate jobs, diversify the economy, and help kick America's dependence on foreign oil. But what will it really do for Michigan?

Leaders of the Lead Rebellion

Landlords James Loftus, Dan Brink, and John Sanger have removed toxic lead from more than 40 of their older properties. All three were recently recognized for their commitment to providing Grand Rapids renters with healthy homes.

Finding the Pollution Solution

The City of Grand Rapids by 2019 will spend another $50 million to modernize its sewer system and cleanup the Grand River. But is there a faster, more cost effective way to swim and fish without sewage?

Windows on the World

For Gretchen Minnhaar, an organizer of the Chiaroscuro film series, the cinema is about much more than entertainment. Film is a powerful art form that illuminates the world around us.

Living for the City

Urban policy guru Bruce Katz says reinvesting in cities is among the most important thing Great Lakes leaders can do to make their communities more competitive in the global knowledge economy. His think tank's latest report lays out a widely accepted path to 21st century prosperity.

Get the Power

Energy innovation promises to generate jobs, strengthen national security, sustain the environment, and stretch the value of taxpayer dollars, particularly in Michigan. All that's needed is leadership.

From Hope to Tech Help

They might not be Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google fame. But Mat Nguyen and Mike Harris are building a respectable tech business of their own.

A Philadelphia Story

The once empty streets of Philly's Central City District now bustle with new workers, residents, and sidewalk cafes. Phil Levy credits the establishment of a special business improvement district, an idea GR now is looking to expand. 

Foreign Force

Nearly 21,000 people, a full 10 percent of Grand Rapids' population, were born outside the United States. Meet a few of them who are changing the city's culture and economy for the better.

United in Purpose

Unity was the central theme of GR Mayor George Heartwell's 2007 State of the City Address. "If we remain united," he said. "I promise we will make history every single day of the following year."

You GROW Girl

Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women helped establish 40 new businesses and generated some 270 jobs in 2005. Jennifer Beaumont, who just opened Yoga on the Hill, is one of the group's many successful graduates.

Why Isn't Stanford Ovshinsky a Billionaire?

The sustainability movement is commercializing new ideas, generating jobs, and fueling economic expansion from Arizona to Japan. How long before Michigan takes it seriously?

In Search of a Mobility Scenario

At the close of 2006, Grand Rapids dispatched a small party of civic leaders to learn about mass transit in Portland. They came back with news of a streetcar revolution. 

GR Interactive

With nearly 60 million blogs on the Internet, G-RAD offers a forum where the contributors all have one thing in common: Grand Rapids

Season's Greetings from Rapid Growth

Well, there's no snow on the ground yet. But, like rappers Run DMC caroled, "it's Christmas time and we got the spirit." So we're taking a break for a couple weeks. But we'll be back January 11, 2007 to bring you a new year of stories about growth, investment, and unique stories of urban life on Michigan's west coast.
133 Articles | Page: | Show All
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