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Public Works Party

Attending this year's Growing Communities conference is a must if you pay taxes, drive on roads, connect to the Internet, live in a house, or simply like to bike and walk safely around town. Click here to register.

RG TV: Bowl-O-Rama

GR bowlers recently rolled the rock in friendly competition to benefit local artists' markets. Vlogger Chuck Peterson puts you on the scene at the Clique

Meet the Beetles

The voracious Emerald Ash Borer bug threatens to destroy every ash tree in the city. But it also presents a powerful opportunity to ramp up efforts to green the city and grow the tree canopy, according to Sustainability Correspondent Tom Leonard.

The Green Imperative

How can Michigan reanimate the attributes that once made it great? By taking the lead in the green economy, according to Rapid Growth correspondent Tom Leonard, who reports from the state's 12th Annual Sustainable Business Forum Conference.

Vroom With A View

With gas prices, traffic congestion, and other auto costs soaring, GR's counterculture discovers the convenience of a different motorized ride.

The Local Lowdown

Local First is one of two organizations in Michigan - and 50 in the U.S. - promoting the power of neighborhood business. Elissa Sangali, the group's new leader, explains why keeping it local is so important.

Postcards from the Future

How can cities better prepare for the future? Tara Lemmey, CEO of LENSVentures, explains different strategies for innovation and why itís essential for cities, businesses and organization to take the risk.

Campaigning for Conservation

Some say energy conservation is America's ticket to economic competitiveness, a healthier environment, and global peace. Tom Leonard, Rapid Growth's sustainability correspondent, explores what it really means for our quality of life.

The Winds of Politics

Al Gore's sizable electric bill - and the way in which he pays it - illuminates the sustainability issues surrounding residential energy use, and the 21st century opportunity for Michigan businesses and leadership.  

Learning Curve

Only one West Michigan high school ranks among the nation's Top 100, according to a recent Newsweek survey. So how do we improve the region's education system and prepare students for a knowledge economy?

Moonshine Math

Ethanol is touted as a renewable energy that will generate jobs, diversify the economy, and help kick America's dependence on foreign oil. But what will it really do for Michigan?

Leaders of the Lead Rebellion

Landlords James Loftus, Dan Brink, and John Sanger have removed toxic lead from more than 40 of their older properties. All three were recently recognized for their commitment to providing Grand Rapids renters with healthy homes.

Finding the Pollution Solution

The City of Grand Rapids by 2019 will spend another $50 million to modernize its sewer system and cleanup the Grand River. But is there a faster, more cost effective way to swim and fish without sewage?

Windows on the World

For Gretchen Minnhaar, an organizer of the Chiaroscuro film series, the cinema is about much more than entertainment. Film is a powerful art form that illuminates the world around us.
144 Articles | Page: | Show All
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