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UIX materials

UIX: Turning trash into money is going to take a community effort

Millions of dollars are being thrown away every year, in the form of waste left at the local landfill. It's a revenue stream that some are managing to take advantage of, and Kent County is hoping others take notice.

OTG Muskegon Culinary Institute students

What is behind the resurgence of Muskegon? Look to its growing support for entrepreneurs.

Whether you're talking about a more equitable and inclusive downtown or the city's ever-growing number of shops and restaurants, entrepreneurs are the major players inspiring change in an evolving Muskegon.

OTG Muskegon Heritage Museum engine

The keepers of history: Muskegon Heritage Museum brings city's vibrant past to life

Did you know many of the nation's bowling pins were once made in Muskegon? As were the first Raggedy Ann dolls? From boats and beer to engines, pianos, and paper, the vast array of products made right here in this city have made their way across the globe for more than a century. Now, the Muskegon Heritage Museum is telling the stories behind these goods, weaving a powerful narrative about the people and places who created the city's rich history.


Wizards of the digital age: West Michigan tech leaders change the world with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is pushing the boundaries of technology, and West Michigan leaders have keen insights on a frontier that is revolutionizing the way the world interacts.

Liz Bartlett

UIX: Liz Bartlett knits circles around fashion, design

Fashion, design, and enabling others are just a few of Liz Bartlett's many talents. They are combined at KNITit, where solutions are created through electronic knitting.

Lis Bokt

UIX: Lis Bokt and The Geek Group combine inspiration, innovation, and perspiration

Whether it's engineering know-how, mechanical prowess, educational opportunities, or simply making creative ideas manifest, The Geek Group and executive director Lisa Bokt excel at facilitating manufacturing through the creative process in many different ways.


Measuring Up The Wind Energy Industry

The precision needed for large scale wind turbines is vital. Find out how one local company is bringing their measuring expertise to the market.


Because the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Chris Boden is one of the most interesting people you will ever meet. He's also the founder of the Geek Group, one of the world's largest hackerspaces and the region's best fortress in the instance of zombie invasion.


Kenowa Industries: Creating Custom Solutions

Kenowa Industries, a specialist in industry problem solving, diversifies to find a solution of its own.


Easing the Pane of Energy Costs: Pleotint Launches Smart Window Film

Harlan Byker has made a career out of coaxing things to change color as if by magic, and Pleotint appears to be his next marvel. Only for this trick, the inventor hopes to tease savings out of energy bills for building owners.


Its Day in the Sun: Greenville Plans to Power Every School and City Building with Solar Energy

George Bosanic and Peter Haines are pushing to have their community showcase the practical use of electricity generated by solar energy. They say Greenville intends to live up to its name. 


The 3rd D for Diversified Data

For Mike Glupker and Pete Houlihan, now is the time to take the plunge into new technology in digital printing that makes images come off the page. What is it like to see the world in 3-D at Diversified Data.


Taking a New Tack

Kelly Slikkers is using technology developed by the Holland company his grandfather founded to break into 21st century markets in wind power, defense and mass transportation. Take a look at how Energetx Composites L.L.C. makes it happen.


Pitching for the Win

Marie-Claire Camp shares a laugh in a relaxed atmosphere, now that the pressue of Pitch Night is gone. There are few things tougher than trying to pursuade a crowd of strangers to hand over their money, but Pitch Night helps to develop a good spiel -- and a thicker skin. 
18 Articles | Page: | Show All
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