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Look at us: Seeing trans in times of misidentification

This Rapid Blog comes to us from Carlos Garay Negrón, a Trans Latinx activist, community advocate, musician, and queer/trans theorist. Their theory work is centered around intersectional analyses of trans and queer experience through the media lens, and their praxis is focused on empowering marginalized communities to enact transformative change.


Social Justice Choir puts GR's culture of giving to work

Yearning to put Grand Rapids’ “culture of giving” to work advancing social justice, Claire Minnis established Social Justice Choir, a community group focused on social justice issues.

Tommy Allen

A tale of two weekends and my personal journey to undo my bias

Rapid Growth's Publisher Tommy Allen releases a personal perspective of our last two weekend's in America and discovers a path that leads him to his hometown of Flint and the seeds of bias.

Benjamin Heyn

RapidChat: Benjamin Heyn

As we round out Pride Month, LGBTQ+ activist, Benjamin Heyn, reflects on the opportunities he's been given over the years and how he is using those as a force for good. Within in part-two of our Q&A conversation, we celebrate #PRIDE and the organizations within our community whose noble purpose revolve around that notion.


Lady Ace Boogie - Don't Box Me In

Coming off an electrifying show this past Sunday at the Pyramid Scheme and set to launch her new EP “Don’t Box Me In” this fall, Linda Tellis a.k.a Lady Ace Boogie showed us that this summer is not done heating up.

Benjamin Heyn

RapidChat: Benjamin Heyn

As we enter the month of June, we also enter a month dedicated to celebrating Pride. "What does Pride Month mean to you?" we asked Benjamin Heyn, a resident and LGBQT+ activist within the Grand Rapids Community. We've learned that it goes farther beyond what many of our eyes have been trained to see.

Graci Harkema

RapidChat: Graci Harkema

Days after being born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Graci Harkema was placed for adoption at a local orphanage. After being given only 12 to 24 hours to live, she was adopted by her (now) parents. Following her move to Grand Rapids as a child, Harkema has gone on to become one of the city's most passionate leaders, fighting for everything from LGBTQ rights to racial equality and more.

Beau VanSolkema

Speaking out: GRCC's policy supporting transgender students creates safe learning environment

Grand Rapids Community College should be praised, not criticized, for working hard to protect the civil rights of all its students, including its transgender population, writes Beau VanSolkema, the president of GRCC's  LGBTQQA+ organization.


Grand Rapids Trans Foundation launches, works to support low-income students

Just several months old, the Grand Rapids Trans Foundation already has big dreams: Provide scholarships for students and make the city a better, more inclusive place for the transgender community.


From Grand Rapids to Orlando: LGBTQ community and allies stand in solidarity after mass shooting

After the mass shooting that killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, hundreds of people gathered outside the Apartment Lounge in Grand Rapids to tell the world: We will always unite against hate.

Tommy Allen joins the vigil.

My personal pain: Reflections on Orlando

The LGBTQ community across the country knows what it is to face constant violence. For those in power to try to silence them. To fight, entirely on their own, to fund research that would save  lives. Now, once again, community members are faced with heartbreak, devastation and anger, this time following the mass shooting of 49 LGBTQ individuals and their friends at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Publisher Tommy Allen reflects on this — and the change that must come.

Playbook of Pee

G-Sync: The playbook of pee fears

Publisher and Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen tackles the real cost to Michigan if legislators enact bills that would prohibit residents who are transgender from using bathrooms that match their gender identity. If these bills get Lansing's stamp of approval, every business and citizen would be on the hook to pay for the misguided legislation.

Lady Ace Boogie

RapidChat: Lady Ace Boogie

With three WYCE Jammies under her belt, it's hard to believe that Lady Ace Boogie dropped her highly acclaimed debut album Feel Good Music merely a year ago. Inspired by her own self growth and experiences, her lyrics are relatable and infectious. It's safe to say... don't underestimate this Lady.

Liz Hollings and Gregory Mason

Race & the LGBT community: Grand Rapids filmmaker advocates for equity & inclusion

Grand Rapids filmmaker Gregory Mason is set to debut his documentary that delves into the need for multiracial and multicultural inclusion in the country's LGBT community.

Carl Erickson

Rapid Blog: Atomic Object's CEO on discrimination & when being good isn't good enough

Taking a stand against discrimination in the workplace is the right thing to do — and it's good for business.
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