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RapidChat: Adam Kail

As discussion continues on bringing more retail tenants to downtown Grand Rapids, entrepreneur Adam Kail has turned a blind eye to the conversation. Instead of partaking in the chatter, he and his team are taking a stance: Brother's Leather Supply Co. will be opening their first brick and mortar store at 15 S. Division this September.


To Market: New Muskegon farmers' market enhances downtown

The newly renovated and relocated Muskegon Farmers' Market is set to open this weekend, with potential to increase foot traffic and add vibrancy in an already-growing downtown. Grab your reusable shopping bags and get a peek inside the market before it's filled with fresh produce.


Shop Hop and shop local for the holidays

If you're making a list and checking it twice this season, don't head out to tackle your holiday shopping without making plans to hit a few of these local favorites. Just in time for the annual Uptown Shop Hop, Audria Larsen shares the inside scoop on some local stores full of holiday cheer.

Ice Cream Gallery

Your Mother Didn't Want You to See This

Ronnie Edison of Ice Cream Gallery and Toys specializes in lowbrow art and designer toys. Unfamiliar? Edison says lowbrow art is the kind of thing your mother didn't want you to see. 

AK Rikks

G-Sync: Punk Fashion Leader Is Pure (West) Michigan

Fashion’s Night Out came to GR on the wings of a visionary individual who said, “Yes, we can do this here!” Now three years later and on the eve of Grand Rapids' participation in the 2012 FNO’s event (with Anna Wintour’s blessing), G-Sync’s Lifestyle Editor, Tommy Allen, discovers Jim Murray has pulled off the impossible (again), right here in West Michigan.


The Longevity of Steve Baribeau's Jewelry Hospital

A bench jeweler like Steve Baribeau of Baribeau's Jewelry Hospital must be equal parts metallurgist, designer, engineer and artist. Some of these are skills that can be learned, some of them you are born with.

Fred Meijer

G-Sync: At the Intersection of Meijer & Me

It is rare that one meets a billionaire CEO, but G-Sync's Tommy Allen met one of our local legends Fred Meijer on many occasions over the years, making a lasting impression on Allen and our community.


Deal makers: how two local women launched money-saving websites

All hail the queens of frugal blogging! Jolon Hull hunts coupon deals for metro Grand Rapids savers, and Cindy Curtis turns up discounts for those who buy locally. Why are you spending so much, they ask.


Shop for Your Crops

Boasting fresh food unlike anything you're likely find at the grocer, West Michigan's co-ops and CSA are bringing local urbanites a step closer to the farm. 


From Bake Sales to Art Markets

Teri O'Driscoll did a little multitasking when she suggested that her school's Parent Teacher Student Association sponsor a market where artists using recycled materials could sell their wares. The result: raise money for City High, teach kids to be mindful of the environment and support local artists.


Pick Your Fave Businesses

Cast your ballots online for your favorite corporate citizens that you think add to the quality of life in their locales. Using our handy widget, you can vote for neighborhood businesses both large and small as your candidates to receive People's Choice awards in 13 categories. 


On the Runway, Ready for Takeoff

One boutique is a find, but several boutiques collaborating on a fashion show is a feast for local trendsetters. Fashionista Angie Austin and her compadres want to bring a bit of New York to Grand Rapids this month.


Outer Space for the Inner City

Entrepreneurs now can get detailed marketing information on the people who live near commercial districts that surround downtown Grand Rapids, and the price is right -- it's free. Here's where to find out whether your neighborhood could support a new flower shop or dry cleaner.


Local Markets and Global Flavor

Smaller, specialized shops are sprouting up around metro Grand Rapids to cater to the tastes of immigrants who have made their homes here, selling foodstuffs as varied as live crawdads to bulghur. The winners: area cooks who want to experiment with new cuisines.

A Life-Saving Literary Life

An infectious disease physician by trade, Roni Devlin is breathing Literary Life into the Wealthy Street corridor.
52 Articles | Page: | Show All
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