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Stockbridge : West Michigan In The News

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Ohio joins Great Lakes Compact to sustain robust regional water supplies

As southern and west coast states slowly run out of water, many fear the Great Lakes’ seemingly unlimited quantities loom large on their radar. So, state by state, Great Lakes legislators have said no to diverting this precious resource.

Battle Creek editorial calls for action on Great Lakes restoration plan

$20 billion is a lot of money, but, according to one study, an investment of that amount to clean up the Great Lakes could generate nearly three times that amount in jobs and economic investment.

NY group launches boat tour to encourage Obama, McCain to restore Great Lakes

The United States’ largest freshwater resource, the Great Lakes, is threatened by pollution, invasive species, loss of wildlife and fish habitat and other dangers. Now one forward thinking New York coalition has launched a boat tour to Great Lakes ports in the hopes of garnering national attention and a promise of action from presidential candidates.

In Utah, notice of Meijer Gardens

Grand Rapids continues to bring the works of world famous artists to its local galleries, and those exhibits are drawing national attention to the city’s love for creative endeavor. That, in turn, encourages art lovers from outside the region to spend time and money seeing the sights.

West MI primed for wind, solar energy innovations, experts say

As Michigan’s political leaders drag their feet on creating a workable policy that spurs development and jobs around alternative energy one West Michigan business leader says emerging energy technologies and Michigan’s geography are a perfect match—including a possible wind farm in Lake Michigan—and a recent energy symposium in Holland launched a new conversation.

Growth in staffing companies suggests growth in West Michigan businesses

Unemployment took another jump this week, but the West Michigan job news scene isn’t all bad with current trends showing that staffing agencies are placing more and more employees in positions that range from highly-skilled trades jobs to research positions, and that means that there are manufacturing and knowledge jobs to be had.

GVSU communications students launch PR business on-campus

A new college student -founded and -led PR firm based on a college campus helps students learn the joys and pitfalls—things they can’t learn in the classroom—firsthand, and since they’ve already landed clients, maybe they’ll be encouraged and stick around to start businesses here after graduation.

Michigan advocates say push ahead with Great Lakes protection efforts

The forthcoming federal money for cleaning up, stopping the spread of invasive species, and remediating toxic hot spots or wildlife habitat in the Great Lakes region falls woefully short of what's need to accomplish goals established way back in 2005, and Michigan’s top brass says it time to stop waiting to take action. Is anyone listening?

Hertz taps Grand Rapids firm to design China locations

Just as design leaders across West Michigan are gathering to form the first national initiative for design as an industry, one local design firm lands a groundbreaking design contract to create the model retail location for an international rental car firm’s venture into China.

Michigan residents give Grand Rapids high marks compared to southeast side of state

Closing the gap of perceptions between residents on the east and west sides of the state is an important step in unifying opinions, politics, and economic strategies.

Greenville’s United Solar Ovonic to add 400 jobs

A statewide push to delve deeper into alternative energy solutions just got a jumpstart with the announcement that a leading global manufacturer of solar laminate products will hire record numbers of West Michigan workers.

Grand Rapids touted as ‘must do’ road trip by Indianapolis publication

Auto travel and high fuel costs don’t often mix, but this Indiana travel writer says making the drive to discover West Michigan’s vibrant art scene, bar and restaurant hotspots, and the family activities along the lakeshore is worth the time and money.

Great Lakes’ water conservation will spur waves of entrepreneurial opportunities

As potable fresh water becomes more scarce, Great Lakes states are in a unique position to meet the demand for designers, manufacturers, retailers and creators of ‘green’ water technologies; and that means opportunity, money, and jobs for the only region where 35 million people depend on Great Lakes water.

Feds could approve $2B funding to create alternative energy jobs in Michigan

Michigan has the ability to compete in the alternative energy industries, but the lack of tax incentives and funding for research is holding companies back and high prices for hybrid cars are preventing green-minded consumers from buying…until this proposed legislation goes through.

Middle East expansion may be on horizon for West Michigan businesses

West Michigan’s competitive edge as leading manufacturers and tradesmen will serve it well in the burgeoning Middle Eastern market, and experts are standing by, ready to help companies cash in on some of the $1.6 trillion dollars waiting to be invested in equipment, knowledge, and technology West Michigan companies can provide.
262 Stockbridge Articles | Page: | Show All
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