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Graci Harkema

RapidChat: Graci Harkema

RapidChat: John Helmholdt of Grand Rapids Public Schools

Latesha Lipscomb

RapidChat: Latesha Lipscomb

Emily Hammes

RapidChat: Emily Hammes of Grand Raggidy Roller Derby


RapidChat: Angela Steele

Toresa M. Blakely

RapidChat: Toresa M. Blakely

Lady Ace Boogie

RapidChat: Lady Ace Boogie

Elliott Rader

RapidChat: Elliott Rader

Zachary Collins

RapidChat: Zachary Collins

Tom Hagan

RapidChat: Tom Hagan

Shelly Irwin

RapidChat: Shelley Irwin

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