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RapidBlog: Impressionable Minds

WMCAT, Baxter Community Center, and Grand Rapids Public Schools have been working hand-in-hand to mold young minds into successful adults. Take a step inside with me and see how we do it.


A Man Among (Tiki) Gods

Anthony Carpenter is a modern man living in yesterday’s modern world. Dwelling among tiki gods, enchanting women swathed in sarongs and fantastical monsters of his own creation, Carpenter is a working artist who has constructed his personal haven to the backdrop sounds of Martin Denny and Les Baxter. And he's got an impressive way with a pencil. 


Gal Friday, Every Day of the Week

Heather McGartland lives her art. Beautician, musician and thrift maven, McGartland operates Imagination Creations, a distinct shop and salon lushly decorated with merchandise and ever-changing ephemera.


The Longevity of Steve Baribeau's Jewelry Hospital

A bench jeweler like Steve Baribeau of Baribeau's Jewelry Hospital must be equal parts metallurgist, designer, engineer and artist. Some of these are skills that can be learned, some of them you are born with.


For artist Joel Berry, the world can be black and white

Some art you pass by, some art you look at, and some art sucks you in. Local artist Joel Berry creates the third kind, turning everyday objects into art that is far from commonplace. 
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