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The permanent lives of creativity: Past ArtPrize winners become Grand Rapids fixtures

While many ArtPrize pieces are here for just a matter of weeks, others become permanent pieces of Grand Rapids. Where are these works now, and how have they influenced the artistic conversation in the city?


With an eye on honoring 'La Grande Vitesse,' GR focuses on bringing life back to Calder Plaza

Nearly 50 years after the dedication of Alexander Calder's "La Grande Vitesse," a sculpture that led to a revival of the arts in Grand Rapids, community leaders are hoping a redesign of Calder Plaza will make the expansive space a livelier, greener and more attractive area that will draw everyone from tourists to nearby workers.


Loving, living & leaving: Why we call Grand Rapids home, why we don't & what that means for our city

What makes a city a home? And, specifically, what makes Grand Rapids a place where people want to lay down roots? Or, on the other hand, want to leave? Current and former Grand Rapidians, from CEOs and entrepreneurs to musicians and retirees, weigh in on what our city does well to make people stay — and what it could do better.


Art for the people: Students debut Grandville mural celebrating Latino community, diversity & unity

To create a stunning new mural on Grandville Avenue, high school students spent months exploring race, identity and heritage. After nearly a year of doing everything from holding public forums to putting on skits about racism in Grand Rapids, the teenagers are celebrating their newly-finished piece of public art that is all about uplifting and empowering the area's Latino community.

David Abbott

RapidChat: David Abbott

Fashion Guru, Cancer Survivor, Philanthropic Advocate, and 'Lumbersexual,' may all be ways to describe Mr. David Abbott, though most would opt for 'Experience Extraordinaire.' With 25-plus years of experience within the luxury retail market, as well as the inherited advice of "the customer likes to be entertained," David proves the importance of theatrics within each of our day-to-day lives.
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