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The brightest lights in West Michigan's entertainment scene are at a national level

Whether it's an acoustic street side gig at Rosa Parks Circle, a sold-out club show at 20 Monroe Live, a DeVos Performance Hall production, or even a movie in the park, the artists provide the music and emotion but technology amplifies the experience.

Lady Ace Boogie

RapidChat: Lady Ace Boogie

With three WYCE Jammies under her belt, it's hard to believe that Lady Ace Boogie dropped her highly acclaimed debut album Feel Good Music merely a year ago. Inspired by her own self growth and experiences, her lyrics are relatable and infectious. It's safe to say... don't underestimate this Lady.


UIX: radi8er has a new way to listen to the sound of the city

Jim Czerew and Rob Anthony are going to change the way people discover new music and engage their community. Their digital music project radi8er is a platform for local artists to gain exposure, list shows, and define the sound of their own city. At the same time, listeners have access to all their local music scene has to offer, as well as the option to explore the sounds of other cities, all from one spot. 

Victor Williams

Don't miss a beat: What's new in the local hip hop scene

It's about the beats, that's for sure. But in a survey of the local hip hop scene, writer Audria Larsen discovers it's also about culture, community, and a collection of arts that combine to make hip hop more than a music genre. Read on for a sample of the local history and current talent involved in West Michigan hip hop and find out where to hear it for yourself right here in G-Rap.


Retro D'Luxe: Talking GR History with Retro Buff Geoffrey Hudson

Rapid Growth talks with Retro D’Luxe host and DJ Geoffrey Hudson, aka DJ Jef Leppard, about his passion for retro culture and Grand Rapids history.
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