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Dance Features

Keegan Loye

RapidChat: Keegan Loye

Ten years ago Keegan Loye found his people at Blues on the Mall. After years spent watching music videos and teaching himself b-boy moves, he discovered a group of hip-hop-loving-dancers. He’s been breakdancing with the 61Syx Teknique crew for a decade and we’re all invited to join the 10-year anniversary celebration on August 29 at Louie’s Bar and Rocket Lounge. But in the meantime, let’s get to know Seoul, owner of 61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy and hip hop enthusiast.


DITA takes modern dance to the masses at ArtPrize

The average ArtPrize attendee expects to see some paintings, drawings, and maybe a little sculpture, but probably not a dancer in a long red train on a white ramp in an abandoned museum. And yet, DITA is modern-dancing its way into the hearts and minds of West Michigan art lovers.


G-Sync: Most Controversial Beginnings Can Grow Into Cultural Gold

Over the next couple weeks local media outlets will be transformed into giant arts publications, but G-Sync’s Tommy Allen hits pause, asking that we don’t forget to focus on the fringe.


G-Sync: The Right to the City

Last week, an arts collective on the Avenue for the Arts was booted to the curb with just 10 days notice, just shy of their 10-year anniversary. Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen decided to revisit the space and discovered insights worth discussing as we move forward.


Artists Come Together for TRIP

With a focus on artistry and technique, creativity, and collaboration, Dance in The Annex's mission is to secure, promote, and enhance contemporary dance in Grand Rapids. Co-founder and Artistic Director Amy Wilson discusses building a unique dance community and their upcoming spring show, Trip the Light. 
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