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Entrepreneurship Features

David Oppenhuizen

Como los propietarios de pequenas empresas pueden evitar situaciones temibles

Una encuesta del año 2018 realizada por “CB Insights” mostró que dos de las cinco principales razones por las cuales las nuevas empresas fracasan son la falta de capital y no tener el personal adecuado en el lugar necesario. Vea cómo tres proveedores de servicios locales buscan educar y apoyar a sus clientes a través de estas áreas.


Research, risk, and a great accountant: How small business owners avoid scary situations

A 2018 survey conducted by CB Insights showed two of the top five reasons startup businesses fail are lack of capital and not having the right team in place. See how three local service providers seek to educate and support their clients in these arenas.

snow list

Snow Machines Inc. provides snow all across the globe

When the weather doesn't cooperate, Snow Machines Inc. is able to produce snow that looks and feels just like what comes from Mother Nature. We take a look into how this local, family-owned company makes snow all over the world.

Revolution Farms

Disrupting big agriculture means taking your crops indoors: West Mich. growers show us how

With new techniques like hydroponics and aquaponics — as well as carefully curated hoop houses — these futuristic farmers are closing the gap for fresh, home-grown, diverse produce and redefining farm-to-fork for a new generation.


G-sync: Ripples of change happen as Marlee Grace circulates back to Grand Rapids for a year

Brain circulation (or better known as the act of leaving, learning from outside, and then (possibly) returning) is a popular emerging topic within circles trying to solve the talent crisis locally. Publisher Tommy Allen sits down with Marlee Grace to talk about her former life here, her adventures on the road, the release of her new book, and an artist residency program.
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