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North Monroe

Neighborhoods of GR: Making Monroe North a riverside destination

Capitalization on the River, a continued focus on encouraging mixed-use developments, and promoting urban densities. These are the key elements attracting visitors, residents, and businesses to the Monroe North neighborhood.


Technology transforms the hospitality industry in Grand Rapids

It takes more than just a celebrity chef and a few honeymoon suites to make truly memorable hotel. Behind the scenes, there's a world of integrated data, targeted messaging, and technologies that allow guests to customize their experience and actually make it more like home.


Constructing the future: How construction is paving the way for a growing Grand Rapids

As the Grand Rapids area's population continues to grow faster than anywhere else in the state, construction companies and workers are some of the biggest players helping to mold the city's quickly changing landscape. In this new series from Rapid Growth, we take a closer look at the region's construction industry and the numerous organizations, trends and innovations seeking to create positive advances in our community.


G-Sync: The Getaway! (a romantic urban adventure)

Events happen a lot in Grand Rapids these days, but sometimes, as Tommy Allen discovered, you can easily create a fast and comical getaway that is totally your own downtown experience. 


Local Markets and Global Flavor

Smaller, specialized shops are sprouting up around metro Grand Rapids to cater to the tastes of immigrants who have made their homes here, selling foodstuffs as varied as live crawdads to bulghur. The winners: area cooks who want to experiment with new cuisines.
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