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Preservation Features

From left, Wendy Ogilvie, Ron Yob, Jay Steffen and Matt Chapman.

Listen to the Grand: River revitalization much more than a kayaker’s dream

What started as a group of kayakers seeking to create a great spot for their sport has evolved into project can restore priceless habitat, respect local indigenous people, and make spaces where all residents can partake and enjoy. As Grand Rapids Whitewater cofounder Chip Richards remarked during the River Rally presentation, “The more we listened to the river, the more we realized this project is something good for everyone and everything.”

RG Salmon

Out of balance: The story of salmon in Lake Michigan

Michigan's multi-billion dollar salmon sports fishery is in peril. Check out our interactive to learn the story of how this happened and what officials are doing about it.


UIX: Local industries grow together in Brewer's Grove

The Brewer's Grove, a group effort between local brewers and the Friends of GR Parks, celebrates two of Grand Rapids' most unique titles, Tree City and Beer City USA.


A new era for Dodds Records

Reverend Charles Preston Smith acquires Dodds Records and breathes new life into a treasure trove of musical memories on South Division. Audria Larsen visits the newly re-opened shop and scratches the surface of local vinyl history.


G-Sync: Steps to Tomorrowland

When G-Sync's Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen says he's stepping into tomorrowland, he is not on a Florida vacation wandering about the faux city streets of Disneyland. He is actually taking a look at how tomorrow might look when it comes to Grand Rapids' parks and green spaces after November 5th's parks millage.
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