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Rapid Blog Features

Ray Kisor

Rapid Blog: Ray Kisor on the past, present, and future of real estate in Grand Rapids

How did Grand Rapids reach this stage of rapid construction and real estate development? Ray Kisor, Principal Partner with PURE Real Estate Brokerage, discusses the recent history of GR real estate in this Rapid Blog.

RB Cindy Brown

Rapid Blog: Cindy Brown on how talent attraction is more than billboards

In this Rapid Blog, Cindy Brown, Vice President of Talent Initiatives at The Right Place, explores the complexity of talent attraction in West Michigan.

George Bayard

Rapid Blog: GRAAMA founder explores African American history, blackface, and other stereotypes

Executive Director of the Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives (GRAAMA) explores the importance of Black History and the deplorable role of blackface.

Roberta King

Rapid Blog: It's a brand new day for cannabis in Michigan

In this Rapid Blog, Roberta F. King, co-owner of Canna Communication, explores the future for marijuana in Michigan after the approval of Proposal 1.

Mary Brown

Rapid Blog: Mary Brown looks from the future's edge, reimagining work and community

Futurist Mary Brown discusses technology's role in our evolving communities, exploring the need for equity in health, transportation, the environment, and more.
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