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Annie Paul

Rapid Chat: Annie Paul on bakeries, competition, and better baked goods

From bakeries specializing in distinct diets, to shops mastering the art of the perfect croissant; there seems to be a rising trend of sweets and savory specialty bakeries within Grand Rapids, MI. It's a niche market that takes not only passion — but patience — which can be learned through the lens of pastry chef Annie Paul.

Gwen Pionk

RapidChat: Gwen Pionk on sticking your neck out for your side hustle

Nearly 50 percent of millennials engage in some version of a side-hustle. The majority are making money off of landscaping and home repairs, but a select few fall into the "arts and crafts" category. This is where Gwen Pionk — owner and designer of Stillcraft Co. — found her niche with dip-dye and macramé art.

Robert Barnes

RapidChat: Robert Barnes on the inspiring work of older adults and the community that supports them

Senior Neighbors helps older adults connect to local services. Not only that, but "Older adults are an important part of the fabric of our community, but outside the need to offer some of them assistance, they often go unrecognized," emphasizes President of Senior Neighbors, Robert Barnes — who established the annual "16 over 60 Awards Gala" to celebrate achievements and contributions later in life.

Zachary Pisciotta

RapidChat: Zachary Pisciotta of Green Wagon Farm talks pizza, vegetables, and farm-to-table dining

"I guess for romantic purposes you could say it was always within me," mentions Zachary Pisciotta, Former Executive Chef of Reserve Wine & Food, when asked about how he became a chef. Now serving as Harvest Manager and resident farm-dinner coordinator at Green Wagon Farm, Zach is experiencing the "Farm-to-Table" phenomenon from both ends of the spectrum.


RapidChat: Wendy Sellers discusses the upcoming federal budget's effect on sex education

Should the proposed federal budget pass this month, the Michigan Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP), which helps reduce at risk behaviors that result without sex education, wouldn't receive any additional funding. Rapid Chat sits down with Sellers, President of Health 4 Hire, to discuss this vital issue.
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