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Ray Kisor

Rapid Blog: Ray Kisor on the past, present, and future of real estate in Grand Rapids

How did Grand Rapids reach this stage of rapid construction and real estate development? Ray Kisor, Principal Partner with PURE Real Estate Brokerage, discusses the recent history of GR real estate in this Rapid Blog.


Catch up with GR housing: A booming market, affordable housing, the "missing middle" and more

Over the past year, writer Marjorie Steele has tackled a few of the pressing issues in housing in Grand Rapids. Check out what you've missed.


The state of Grand Rapids housing costs: A 10-year review

“The rent is too damn high” is a common sentiment here in Grand Rapids, where rapid growth has resulted in a higher cost of housing. Take a look at the last 10 years of changing and rising costs of housing in GR.


Are you the "missing middle?" Local developers get creative in housing's most neglected sector

As housing costs rise, the dreaded "missing middle" sector dries up. See what several West Michigan developers and individuals are doing to house this bracket.


My heart's in Midtown: A Neighborhoods of GR essay

In this special edition of Neighborhoods of GR, writer and former Midtown resident Marjorie Steele dives into her love for the neighborhood's diversity, chill vibes, and affordability.
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