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Recycling Features

Composting saves on food waste and creates value in quality soil.

UIX: The regional business forum driving sustainability on a national scale

About 132,000 tons of food waste winds up in West Michigan landfills every year. The number is even higher for plastics and inorganic waste. Members of the West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum are working together to drive that number down to zero.

Plastics Recycling

UIX: Grand Rapids has a plastic problem, and here's who's helping fix it

Plastic waste is a growing problem, in Grand Rapids, in West Michigan, in the United States, and the rest of the world. Here are the individuals and businesses that are working to use and reuse plastic more sustainably.


UIX: Sustainable printing in Grand Rapids goes back decades before B Corps were cool

Printers hold a responsibility to their clients, the community, and the environment. As a B Corporation, Swift Printing takes that one step further, putting people and planet over profits. Meanwhile, Crop Marks pushes for environmental sustainability in everything it produces, which is quite a lot.

UIX materials

UIX: Turning trash into money is going to take a community effort

Millions of dollars are being thrown away every year, in the form of waste left at the local landfill. It's a revenue stream that some are managing to take advantage of, and Kent County is hoping others take notice.


How City High students are leading the way with new composting program

City High Middle School is home to one of only two Green Fellows in the United States, and students there are harnessing her leadership to blaze a new trail when it comes to school lunch sustainability. Find out how their cafeteria conversation is expanding to include terms from composting to economicology.
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