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AK Rikks

G-Sync: Punk Fashion Leader Is Pure (West) Michigan

Fashion’s Night Out came to GR on the wings of a visionary individual who said, “Yes, we can do this here!” Now three years later and on the eve of Grand Rapids' participation in the 2012 FNO’s event (with Anna Wintour’s blessing), G-Sync’s Lifestyle Editor, Tommy Allen, discovers Jim Murray has pulled off the impossible (again), right here in West Michigan.


Playful makeup: moms in metro Grand Rapids launch children's cosmetics line

Who would have thought that there's a market niche in ecofriendly cosmetics for children? Natalie Bauss and Katy Scheffler did, and the two moms say they are now nuturing a thriving little company along with their families. 


Deal makers: how two local women launched money-saving websites

All hail the queens of frugal blogging! Jolon Hull hunts coupon deals for metro Grand Rapids savers, and Cindy Curtis turns up discounts for those who buy locally. Why are you spending so much, they ask.


Vizidef Wants to Put Idle Storefronts to Work in Downtown Grand Rapids

Vacant shop windows may soon be sources of information and advertising for those who stroll along Monroe Center, if Marcel Thibert and Steven Miller have their way. With their Vizidef system, they hope to brighten even the most forelorn empty storefront.


Motorola Taps GVSU for Smart Phone Research

With the power of smart phones in their pockets, consumers can use new apps to become uber comparison shoppers. But the flow of information can be a two-way street for retailers, Jonathan Engelsma says.  
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