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G-Sync: Hungry for change in the New Year

In his last editorial of 2016, Rapid Growth's Publisher Tommy Allen ponders what is happening at the city level as national headlines shock and awe readers. 

Hippie Modernism

G-Sync: The counterculture effect and embracing hippie ideals in Grand Rapids

A recent visit to the "Hippie Modernism" exhibition at Cranbrook Art Museum has Rapid Growth's Tommy Allen considering the role of the counterculture on the future of Grand Rapids — and all of society.

Christina Arnold

G-Sync: Diversity's ambassador is a family affair

Christina Arnold of the Grand Rapids Community College's Woodrick Diversity Learning Center recently retired as its director. Publisher Tommy Allen sat down with Arnold during the last week of her employment at the college to reflect on the many years she has invested in our community to make it a better place, not just for the students of GRCC but for our entire region. 

Playbook of Pee

G-Sync: The playbook of pee fears

Publisher and Lifestyle Editor Tommy Allen tackles the real cost to Michigan if legislators enact bills that would prohibit residents who are transgender from using bathrooms that match their gender identity. If these bills get Lansing's stamp of approval, every business and citizen would be on the hook to pay for the misguided legislation.


G-Sync: Potrykus and me

Filmmaker Joel Potrykus sits down with Rapid Growth's publisher and lifestyle editor Tommy Allen to talk about his new film world premier at the 2016 SXSW; on getting it done in Michigan; and the lines we all draw in our work.
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