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Geeking out: Thousands of fans proudly prove Grand Rapids Comic Con's star power

The Grand Rapids Comic Con is growing by leaps and bounds, this year drawing close to 30,000 visitors to the convention that is wonderfully proving 'geek' culture is for everyone.


With an eye on honoring 'La Grande Vitesse,' GR focuses on bringing life back to Calder Plaza

Nearly 50 years after the dedication of Alexander Calder's "La Grande Vitesse," a sculpture that led to a revival of the arts in Grand Rapids, community leaders are hoping a redesign of Calder Plaza will make the expansive space a livelier, greener and more attractive area that will draw everyone from tourists to nearby workers.

Nick Rudofski

UIX: Nick Rudofski maintains a steady, prolific course in a career of sustainability

Nick Rudofski has plenty of ideas when it comes to sustainability. From handmade, refurbished and reconstructable products, to water conservation, to alternative transportation and more, he's truly making things happen behind several scenes. 


Zen as Art: Art as Zen Part II

More than two years in the works and less than a year to go before opening, Rapid Growth takes you on another sneak peek tour of the new Japanese Gardens coming to Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.


Lions, Tigers and Bears: (Re)visiting the city's zoo

Nestled in the heart of the city's west side, John Ball Zoo has long been an urban park and a favorite spot for area children. With recent additions -- and a new tiger exhibit -- the city's zoo is expanding its reach and nurturing the community right along with its animals. J. Rae Young gets up close and personal with some of its newest inhabitants to find out what role the zoo is playing in Grand Rapids' growth.
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