This bedroom community offers a vintage small town lifestyle within a 20 minute drive of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan's second largest economic and cultural center. No wonder it's billed as "the next place to be."

Here's your guide to Lowell:

Development NewsDAKC

City of Grand Rapids honored with 2018 Invest in Ability Award

Development NewsDNLocalFirst

What's "Good For Grand Rapids" is "Good For Michigan"

Development NewsTalent

HireReach: Hiring strategy that reduces biases unexpectedly increased diversity

Feature StoryBartender

All hail the bartender! Veteran West Michigan drink-slingers tell their tales

Innovation NewsBrandy Arnold

Young Professional Spotlight: Brandy Arnold

Innovation NewsAngela Nelson

Working in the City: Angela Nelson

Innovation NewsINcultured

Strictly Business: The women who own Grand Rapids

Innovation NewsINVGallafe

Gallafe: Gallery + Cafe and the first Grand Rapid's Asian Festival

Feature StoryFTfattire

Bigger is better: Fat tire bikes roam winter trails

German-made anaerobic digester to debut in Lowell; manure, food waste to become renewable energy

Feature StoryFTcanning

G-Sync: Fresh Food Diva

Feature StoryOverview at my year.

G-Sync: WWBSD (or The Future... Again)

Feature StoryFTgsyncLIST

G-Sync: A Brazen Act of Plagiarism

Proposed $4M biodigester to convert cow manure, restaurant grease to power for Lowell Light & Power

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