Gettin' Fresh Events gets more bang for the truck

Where do tired food trucks go at the end of the day? The Gettin’ Fresh food truck gets tucked in at 2844 Eastern Ave. SE along with several other mobile eateries. When the folks who own these food trucks took a look at the parking and building space offered here, they decided it’d be a perfect spot to park their vehicles and store their equipment. Gettin’ Fresh’s owner, Abbie Sterling, saw something more.

“I quickly realized we were underutilizing the space. It had a lot of potential,” Sterling says. “When I saw the natural light from 50 feet of west-facing windows, I thought it would make a great space for making art, displaying art, and doing photography. Those ideas sort of got my wheels turning.”

Sterling enlisted her husband, Bill Lewis, and sister, Amanda Sterling, to transform the interior space into a superb little event spot. The long wall adjacent to the windows has been painted white to accommodate photography. Sterling put together an eclectic mix of vintage, Victorian, and mid-century modern furnishings, including wonderful tables and buffets to display artwork, products, or floral arrangements.

“We’re really focusing on entrepreneurs that need photos of their work,” Sterling says.

Accommodating up to 50 guests, Gettin' Fresh Events has so far hosted an album release party, a food truck tasting party, and a podcaster who needed a space to record her online course. Sterling’s extended family will be using the space for their own holiday get-together.

Customers booking the space have the option of purchasing food from the Gettin’ Fresh food truck. In addition to the regular menu, Sterling will honor just about any catering request, from small bites and charcuterie boards, to dessert bars and full meals. A stickler for hyper-local ingredients, she purchases her fresh produce from Ken’s Fruit Market, bread from Nantucket Baking Company, meats from Bob’s Butcher Block, and sweets from Ida’s Pastry Shop.

“When someone requests to rent the space or collaborate with us, the food truck can always be incorporated into the event,” she says. “For instance, when the Astrobats released their new album, we served nachos later in the evening. If I was hosting a yoga session, we could prepare smoothies, a veggie bowl, or lick some lettuce afterwards.”

(Yes, Sterling has a sense of humor as well as good business sense.)

As Gettin’ Fresh Events becomes a popular gathering spot, Sterling hopes that other nearby businesses will find success in a happening neighborhood.

“A lot of what’s going on in Alger Heights proper is just a stone’s throw away and it’s diverse,” she says. “I think there’s a lot of businesses nearby that are overlooked. I think we could we draw interest.”

Current neighboring businesses include Cut Creators barber shop, Martha’s International Market, and Daddy Pete’s BBQ. Several women-focused organizations and individuals are looking to book space in the future.

“It has been amazing. A new organization, Women Who, is interested in hosting a monthly gathering and some women who focus on ethical fashion and recycling wardrobes reserved a date in January to host a workshop,” she says. “It’s rewarding being able to provide a space for these incredible women. In the future I’ll be looking to collaborate with these types of organizations and individuals that focus on ethics, equality, and community.”

Written by Estelle Slootmaker, Development News Editor
Photos courtesy of  Arrae Creative 

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