New independent primary care medical offices coming to downtown Grand Rapids, Wyoming

In an age when many primary care physicians are employees of large hospital or healthcare systems, Arashdeep Litt, M.D., will open two medical offices that are independent of a larger corporate structure.

West Michigan Primary Care will operate as patient-centered healthcare offices, which will allow Dr. Litt to spend time listening to her patients and their needs. The offices will be at 233 E. Fulton, Suite 102, in the Grand Rapids Masonic Center, and at 585 36th St., Wyoming.

Litt, a primary care physician in East Lansing, an assistant professor in internal medicine at Michigan State University, and a board certified internal medicine physician, will treat everything a primary care doctor treats, but with an added focus on internal medicine.

Primary care services include treating influenza, colds, viruses, and injuries, giving annual physicals, pelvic exams, and offering acute care same-day appointments. Litt will also treat patients suffering from chronic diseases such as COPD, asthma, and diabetes. Internal medicine services include cardiology, endocrinology, and treating hypertension.

"My goal is that everything is patient-centered and is about the patient," Litt says. "It's important to give the patient the time to talk and tell their problems. Usually, after 60 seconds, the doctor interrupts the patient, and that's not good for patient care. My plan was to open a patient-centered office, and I searched for physicians in Greater Grand Rapids that were practicing on their own and there were only about 10."

In both offices, Litt will share office space with other physicians -- Dr. Madelon Krissoff in Grand Rapids, and Dr. Gursharn Dosanjh in Wyoming -- but will maintain a separate practice, helping to keep costs down.

Both offices open in July. Hours will include some evenings and Saturdays, and will vary depending on the location.

Writer: Deborah Johnson Wood, Development News Editor
Images courtesy of Dr. Arashdeep Litt
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