Which local nonprofits are using Pinterest?

Pinterest is the new shiny penny in the world of the web. Although it was launched in March of last year, it's recently taken off in the last three months, exploding like a bomb onto the scene of social media. It’s likely to be the fastest-growing independent site of all time, according to data by TechCrunch. Yes, more so than Facebook, my friends.
And, as far as anyone can assess, there are no local charities with a social media account on Pinterest. And here's why:
The site that lets you post pretty pictures about DIY projects, fantastic fashion and posh decorating tips is not a proven technique yet in our local nonprofit market. It also takes staff time as well as a social media plan to implement appropriately. 
“We’re looking into it as way to get our success stories told,” explains Humane Society of West Michigan’s marketing and events coordinator Nicole Cook.
Christine Lentine of Kids’ Food Basket agrees, “We want to make sure we do it right.”
There are some charities both small and large-scale outside of our region taking advantage of the pinning benefits. Here’s why more should get involved:
Of the 10.4 million Pin-thusiaists, 97% of them are women. Women, most often, are making the philanthropic decisions in the home. An organization seeking donations would have a captive audience. Also, any item that a charity would “pin” links back to its original source, thus driving traffic to their own website.
Pinterest is also visually appealing. In a world that has become more visual, this is a great adaptation in the social media world. It’s also easy to navigate and use. It’s no wonder so many people are rushing to participate.
So, do you want to see what all of the buzz is about? Here’s how:
• Learn more about Pinterest and catch the pinning craze 
• Request an invitation to join the social network 
• Encourage your favorite charity to join the phenomenon
Source: Nicole Cook, Humane Society of West Michigan; Christine Lentine, Kids’ Food Basket
Writer: Jennifer Wilson, Do Good Editor
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