Brady Schmitz and the joy of giving

It all began a year ago. A young man finds his time filled with things, rather than purpose. It’s the holidays -- a time when cheer is spread far and wide. The young man, though, is in despair. His name is Brady Schmitz.
“I was struggling so bad inside that I needed to find something positive to attach to that would allow my focus to shift and pull me through,” explains Schmitz. His addictions led him into a personal storm and he couldn’t imagine surviving Christmas on the same path.
“I needed to refocus my attention from that dark place to acts of kindness,” says Schmitz. “I was struggling to find who I am.” 
It was in a Byron Center retirement community that he found what he was looking for. Schmitz was visiting the seniors who live there as a way to finding his new life. A grandmother was in distress because she couldn’t find the phone number to call her son. Schmitz tracked down the contact information and gave the woman his cell phone. 
It was the simple joy of connecting those family members that led Schmitz to perform more simple gestures to help others. 
His demeanor changed. His outlook was contagious. And soon, others wanted to know why and how Schmitz had found happiness. “Selfishly," he says.
It was his selfish need to continue the joy of kindness and giving that inspired him to create the nonprofit organization, More Self Less.
“With More Self Less, I want to show others that you can be cool, mainstream and fun. You can be a light to others and advocate change.” Schmitz continues, “There is nothing more rewarding than knowing you lifted someone up, no matter how small of a gesture that was. Our collective efforts will further inspire others and refresh our hearts in a constant cycle.”
More Self Less has been busy. They have had several events to raise money to purchase supplies for under-served families, developed a website to match volunteers to opportunities and even visit the retirement homes where it all started.
A little joy goes a long way…  and a year later, Schmitz couldn’t be happier.
Be a do-gooder by assisting More Self Less. Here’s how:
• “Like” them on Facebook
• Visit their website
• Learn more about the organization 
• Attend an upcoming event
Source: Brady Schmitz, More Self Less
Writer:  Jennifer Wilson, Do Good Editor

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