Bring Your Own Beamer GR.2: Visual marvels (just add electricity)

Friday, Mar. 6, p.m.
It might seem odd that on the night I am returning to the stage at the Tip Top Deluxe Bar and Grill to open for Sarah Jean Anderson's 2nd After School Stand-up Comedy Special I would dare suggest that you must see UICA's 2nd installment of the one-night-only event, Bring Your Own Beamer. But BYOB is that good and should be on your list if you enjoy projection-based artworks as I do.
This open-source exhibition international projection art series created by Rafaël Rozendaal is having a revival in Grand Rapids after last fall's impressive debut at UICA. At the time, I almost missed seeing it but added the extra steps to my night, wandered in close to the event's scheduled closing time, and was completely mesmerized by what I saw on display. 
Since it is a BYO (art) event, BYOB Grand Rapids allows artists both local and far away to showcase their experiments with the aid of a projection. And like most good art, a few works will no doubt need your participation to make the circuit of electricity, light, and a surface complete. 
Also at UICA this weekend on Mar. 6 is the opening night of Buzzard, the local film being released nationally and created by director Joel Potrykus starring local musician and actor Joshua Burge (aka Chance Jones). Buzzard opens nationally on Mar. 6 and runs for two weeks at UICA.
Admission: BYOB is free; see UICA for advance tickets of Buzzard
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