Bridges, Not Walls Concert: GR Choir is much more than Justice singing

This city is full of lots of opportunities to join others in song. This is true whether one joins a band, a church choir, or any one of the many choral groups that are offered in this region.

In fact, the human voice in song is to many cultures one of the most beautiful aspects of being alive. There is just something very powerful about what happens when we all get on the same page in song.

Keeping that local tradition alive is a relatively new choral group, Justice Choir GR. This choir has already been featured in Rapid Growth’s story, “Social Justice Choir puts GR's culture of giving to work” by Dan Treul and on Sunday, Mar. 24 you will have a chance to listen to their latest community program at Trinity United Methodist Church. 

As with their past performances, this one is organized around a theme with Sunday’s concert rooted in the topic of immigration, welcoming new neighbors, and how we can all work together for a better community. 

An added bonus for the Justice Choir GR performance is the inclusion of the Latinx rock collective Cabildo, who will be joining this very topical and timely program.

Sunday’s concert will also seek to connect folks to more information from community organizations who are locally providing immigrant support services, including the Justice Choir GR’s featured partner, Justice for Our Neighbors West Michigan

So if you are seeking an entertainment option with a bit of insight into this topic delivered by song, then Justice Choir GR has just the program for you. As a reminder, this concert is free, but organizers are asking that you register in advance at their Eventbrite event page to attend.
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