Bronze Wolf: Unspooling fresh sounds on an old format at Sparrows (with cake)

Grand Rapids has lots of pockets of activity that often go unnoticed. One such area is our electronic music scene, which is slowly evolving as many of our local acts that once had to seek an empty warehouse or friendly gallery owner to let them host their creative adventures move into more sanctioned spaces.

One such act, Bronze Wolf, who began performing in the area under another name a few years back at places like the second floor of Long Road Distillers and Grand Rapids Pride, will finally be debuting his newest music at a special audio cassette release party/concert at East Hills' The Sparrows Coffee, Tea & Newsstand.

Now before you poo-poo the thought of owning cassettes (again), they have been back in vogue for a few years now with one of their biggest years to date happening just last year.  

Bronze Wolf (the creation of musical artist Eric Andrew Tempelaere), is using the occasion of his 25th birthday to release his cassette “Red Shift.”

Tempelaere’s music is said to be inspired by Roman mythology and dives into the atmospheric territory often inhabited by other musicians like James Blake. His sound is comforting at times through his warm, soulful vocals but once processed through the sonic landscape become otherworldly, foreign, but also familiar. This is perfect music for a night of chill and reflection. 

Joining Bronze Wolf to perform on the occasion of this new release will be Hoom, a group made up of Tempelaere’s former fellow co-workers at The Sparrows. 

Entry is a suggested donation of $5. but with admission comes birthday cake! 
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