Candye Kane: Rebuilding Her Brand One Move at a Time

Modern life is full of career restarts, and the Tip Top Deluxe has a whopper of a star that embodies this reality. Once destined to be an opera star, Candye Kane – appearing next week at this intimate westside bar – dropped out of college after she fell out of love with the constraints of her musical form in 1976.
Her musical journey since then has taken her down the path of punk, as she created a punk country act before taking another turn into adult modeling and stripping.  She eventually went back to college and earned a degree in women's studies at Palomar Community College.
After settling into her blues style (and with a style that is distinctly her own), Kane has been exciting audiences since the 1980s. She was nominated in 2014 for a Blues Music Award in the 'Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year' category and has been singled out by the House of Blues as one of the 30 Essential Women of the Blues CD.
Fans and curious music lovers will be hugely rewarded by her performance. Heck, this club is so tiny and intimate, I am sure she would even write a note to your boss as to why you will be potentially late for that Tuesday 9 a.m. meeting.

Admission: $10

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