Cowspiracy: Vegan Grand Rapids at the Mooovies

Over the years Rapid Growth's G-Sync has devoted coverage to a host of film-themed festival events that touch on a wide degree of topics, from design, faith, and environmental stewardship to genre filmmaking like Thriller! Chiller! One area that has lacking has been the topic of food. That is, until now.
Maybe it's a form of dipping one's toe into the mix, but the popular, locally organized website guide and event group Vegan Grand Rapids has partnered with Glendale, California's VegFund – a vegan-focused nonprofit that seeks to inspire people to choose and maintain a vegan lifestyle – and an anonymous donor to bring the film Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret to Wealthy Theatre.
The film looks at the very real impact of our modern food system and is told using a thrilling pace, so that when you get to the end of this 90-minute film, you will be in shock at what is revealed. This is a wonderful film for anyone who is considering a vegan or vegetarian diet or works on environmental justice issues.
According to Vegan Grand Rapids organizers, Cowspiracy focuses on the one industry that does more harm to the planet than any other. The feature-length environmental documentary digs into the silence, with the data presented by experts in their field who repeatedly ask why the world’s leading environmental organizations are shy about going public with the data they posses.
Immediately after the film, Vegan Grand Rapids will lead a discussion about what is being addressed locally within our area organizations concerning this matter.
You can view the Cowspiracy trailer here.
Admission: Free
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